The Story So Far


A misspent Youth

After a misspent youth tinkering with lime green iMacs and Raspberry Pis, I kickstarted my career in code with Harvard’s online course: CS50, aged 16.

Think Digitally

Over the past 3 years, I have worked alongside User Experience veteran Max Saunders on everything from UX design and development to client relations. As a trusted member of the team I was promoted to Head of Web Development and have had a hand in practically every job that has crossed Think Digitally‘s desk. 


I now have a portfolio of more than 40 websites, apps and even an iBook.


Durham University

Alongside my degree in Natural Sciences, I lead coding help groups, volunteer with the TEDx team, manage the website and social media for my college, and campaign for more modern approaches to teaching. Each year I have helped hundreds of new students settle in as a Freshers Rep, working 18 hour days for two weeks.


I learned to code online through Stack Overflow, Khan Academy, YouTube, iTunes U and countless others. Now, I am sharing the particularly challenging moments through tutorials and, occasionally, I’m the one answering the questions on Stack Overflow.


The Code Creatives

A partnership between me and UX expert Max Saunders. Poised to shake up the WordPress plugin market place. Stay tuned.

New Challenges

I’m always on the lookout for an exciting new project. Have something in mind? Let’s talk.

Alexander Gottlieb