Xander Gottlieb

Code | Design | UX

(dreams) => { return reality }



Experimenting with cutting edge technologies usually leads to awesome websites. But sometimes you end up developing interactive popcorn simulations


I have been developing great user experiences on the web for 6 years but my portfolio extends beyond websites to adverts, marketing campaigns, SEO and an iBook.

User Centred

Every project I touch combines creative code with a considered user experience. I develop websites and apps that are a true joy to use.


HTML5 JavaScript CSS3 PHP jQuery WordPress Laravel Sass SilverStripe PageSpeed API Google Drive API Graph API YouTube API Chart.js WebGL Bootstrap Spotify Google Analytics AdWords Twitter API Instagram API Node.js React.js Webpack SparkPost SQL BEM Matter.js

The Website Tester

A Web App for Developers

The website tester uses a proprietary algorithm to combine familiar Google PageSpeed metrics with a custom web crawler. The result is at-a-glance insight into your sites performance not only in speed but also SEO, social media optimisation, mobile support and code quality.


Exploring New Ideas in Code

Chemistry Revision Guide

An iBook for A Level Students

A chemistry textbook that explains what's really going on, rather than just stating facts. Designed for iPad and Mac. Filled with interactive 3D diagrams and quizzes, as well as beautiful photos.

Featured by Apple and downloaded by new students every exam season.


Thirsty for Knowledge?