Sometimes, a project runs away with itself. There are days when you look up from the computer to find that 13 hours have passed. In such times of focus the most magical experiences are made possible.

The playground contains projects and experiments born of cumulative days, weeks, and months of refinement.


Working with computers requires the agility to constantly approach problems from an infinite number of perspectives, learning and adapting all the time. Continual exploration of the latest research, libraries, and industry standards is integral to writing code that performs.


A Durham University dissertation that’s improving usability in Natural Language Processing

Treebanks contain a vast number of sentences represented as tree diagrams describing their grammar. These trees are often vital for parsing, translating, or otherwise processing language. However, creating and maintaining treebanks is difficult and time consuming, and the complicated tools currently available do little to simplify this task.

Enter Pine: a purpose-built and open source treebank editor that puts usability and speed at its core.

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An interactive, popcorn-filled physics simulation using Matter.js.

Cube Car

A foray into programming graphics shaders using WebGL

This interactive 3D graphics demo was built from the ground up, using only native browser JavaScript, HTML5 canvas, and WebGL shaders.

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Chemistry Revision Guide

A textbook for A Level Students. Featured on iBooks.

A chemistry textbook that explained what’s really going on, rather than just stating facts. Designed for iPad and Mac, and filled with interactive 3D diagrams and quizzes, as well as beautiful photos.

Featured by Apple and downloaded by new students every exam season.

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