Full Stack

A portfolio of more than 50 websites and several cross-platform apps has demanded skills in everything from design and front-end wizardry to database architecture and server maintenance.


Experimenting with cutting-edge technologies and APIs usually leads to awesome projects.

Sometimes, it leads to interactive physics simulations involving popcorn.


In every project I touch, I combine creative, speedy code with a deep consideration for the user experience.

I develop digital tools that are a true joy to use.


An interactive, popcorn-filled physics simulation using Matter.js.


A Durham University dissertation that’s improving usability in Natural Language Processing

Pine is a purpose-built and open source treebank editor that puts usability and speed at its core.

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Cube Car

A foray into programming graphics shaders using WebGL

This interactive 3D graphics demo was built from the ground up, using only native browser JavaScript, HTML5 canvas, and WebGL shaders.

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Chemistry Revision Guide

A textbook for A Level Students. Featured on iBooks.

A chemistry textbook that explained what’s really going on, rather than just stating facts. Designed for iPad and Mac, and filled with interactive 3D diagrams and quizzes, as well as beautiful photos.

Featured by Apple and downloaded by new students every exam season.

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