The Website Tester

Think Digitally’s free tool tests your website’s performance across 5 different metrics in one click.



Code Quality




Social Media


Custom Web Crawler

A JavaScript based web crawler leverages the power of the cloud, using Apifier’s virtual browsers to extract structured data from your website. This data is then analysed using a proprietary algorithm that calculates your sites ranking based on industry best practices.

5 Metrics in One Place

Tools from Google and Pingdom have long allowed developers to test the speed of their websites. This tool is different. We analyse and monitor your sites speed, code quality, mobile support, SEO and social media all in one place. All of these are automatically aggregated into a single score with human-readable prose offering recommendations.

Your Website’s History

A fully AJAX front-end allows you to view every site you’ve tested. Each site has a day-by-day history of its score over time.

  • Google PageSpeed API
  • Shedloads
  • 'Hamilton' - Lin-Manuel Miranda