A Level Chemistry Revision Guide by Alexander Gottlieb

Explanations First

In my final year of school, I could not find a single Chemistry text book that went beyond simply stating facts. Exasperated, I decided to compile my own notes into a revision guide that explained Chemistry concepts from first principles. I borrowed Dad’s first generation white MacBook and got cracking with iBooks Author.

Beautiful Photos

So many textbooks are filled with meaningless stock photos – you know, things like students smiling inanely at an empty test tube. I decided that if mine was to be filled with useless photos, they may as well be good to look at. So, each chapter of the book is introduced with a different type of flower – more on my Instagram.

Interactive Learning

When words were not enough, I designed 3D diagrams that you can zoom and swipe around your iPad. And every chapter is accompanied by lush illustrations as well as quizzes to help students check their progress.

The iBook went on to be featured by Apple and continues to see a spike in downloads every exam season.

    Behind the Scenes

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  • 'Up Is Down' - Hans Zimmer